Enjoy Fresh Hawaiian Flowers in your home for only $18.00!


Best way to start your seeds and cuttings. Just add growing mix, water and seeds and place in a windowsill and watch them grow into healthy plants in no time.



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$22.00 each

Famous Hawaiian lei flower. Fragrant, waxy flowers - white, yellow and pink remain fresh for a long time.
Torch ginger
Torch Ginger
This is one of the stunning flower heads of the world! Cone is made up of many bracts shaped like a torch.
Hawaii Woodrose
Grows up to 4" a day, so fast you can almost see it grow. Green leaves in star like patterns, yellow flowers.
Bird of paradise
Bird of Paradise
The aristocrat of Hawaiian plants. A new crest almost every day until you have five exotic spikes on display.
Kahili ginger
Kahili Ginger
Fragrant yellow, cylindrical flower clusters resemble the great royal insignia of Hawaii.
Bamboo orchid
Bamboo Orchid
Fast growing and colorful miniature variety of the plant that grows wild in Hawaii. Jewel-like flowers.
We reserve the right to substitute items according to season.